Expressing disappointment
by: Merna Ghaly

I come home from COP18 with utter disappointment, nothing achieved, nothing done. A Doha fail if I might say, a text so ridiculous, might have been better off with no text at all.

Rain Consequences in Sudan
by: Merna Ghaly

The rainy season in the Sudan is almost everywhere the period between April and October, although in the extreme south some rain may occur in any month. This year we witnessed beautiful blessed rainfall which drew smiles around people across the country whom struggle after a long time from the scorching weather that normally exist.

Arabs: It's time to lead!
by: Rena Timsah
For the first time in the history of UNFCCC negotiations an Arab COP has officially begun. Qatar, of the rich Persian Gulf, is hosting the 18th Conference of Parties. 
by: Merna Ghaly
As a AYCM delegate, me and my colleagues arrived in Qatar with wonderful excitement and  carrying messages and experience to be shared amongst us and other stunning youth who are coming to attend COY/COP to make their voice heard for the many time they participate .
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